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CLOX 2000 - All the time in the world!

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About CLOX
CLOX is an easy to use world clock software package which gives you of both analog and digital clocks showing the time in different world time zones. You choose the timezones you want to display. Along with the timezone clocks comes a series of other useful features... A sophisticated alarm clock, automatic time correction via the internet and calendar displays and a host of new features, including a 'Daylight Map' which tells you at a glance, where it is night and day in different parts of the world.

Other internet features in CLOX include a 'Newsflash' feature and the ability to retrieve useful time zone information via the web. These facilities help users of CLOX keep all their world clocks up to date even when countries decide to change their time-zone details without warning. There is also support for a range of plug-in accessories which extend the features of CLOX still further (see the CLOX Plug-in Zone).

Pop-up menus and comprehensive online help features make CLOX 2000 very easy and enjoyable to use. It works with any PC with 32 bit Microsoft®Windows including Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME & XP.

The latest version of CLOX is CLOX 2000  Version 7.2
recently added features include...
CLOX 2000 - All the time in the world!

Free Instant Upgrade
If you already have an earlier version of CLOX you can fully update it to the latest CLOX 2000 via the download area.

Further Information
Although CLOX can be used and distributed free of charge, regular users may wish to register. Registering entitles you to a number of additional benefits  which include email product support, automated information file updates,  free upgrades to any later versions of CLOX, as well as other benefits including access to an on-line news feature called CLOX TIMES which is built-in to the program. If you don't want to register, you don't need to. You can use any version of CLOX free of charge and there is no time-limit to using CLOX for free, but remember registration is only ten US dollars and very well worth it.

Like all the other features of CLOX, the setting of daylight saving times is very simple. Registered users with internet connections get updated detailed information which CLOX retrieves automatically from the 'net. However, even non-registered users get newsflashes and automatic time-correction if they have an internet connection.

All the free CLOX download files from this site may be distributed and used free of charge in their original, unmodified form.

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Bulletin for registered users of CLOX
The latest DST Update is number 27
(Users with an internet connection will get this update automatically.)


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